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Desperate Attempt to Pay off Debt Backfires

Desperate Attempt to Pay off Debt Backfires

Hit and Miss

The Western Cape police arrested a 38-year-old man on a charge of perjury, after he confessed to lying about his firearm being stolen, for the purpose of paying back a debt.

On Tuesday, 28th July, 2015, the suspect contacted the police to report that his house had been broken into and that his firearm was stolen. Police followed up on the report by doing a sweep of the ‘scene of the crime’ and questioning his neighbours about the incident.

Police became suspicious after discovering that there were no signs of a burglary or of someone forcing their way into the suspect’s house.

Confessions of a Desperate Debtor

They proceeded to interrogate the suspect, confronting him about why the house appeared as if no-one had broken in. Consequently, the suspect confessed to the police that he had fabricated the theft of his firearm.

The suspect went on to admit that he had, in fact, handed the firearm over as collateral to an individual, to whom he was indebted.

Accordingly, he was arrested on a charge of perjury, and is set to appear in front of the Bellville Magistrate’s Court on Monday. The court will also rule on whether or not the suspect was fit to have a firearm in his possession.

Keep Calm and Contact QCL

This incident is testament to how unreasonable debtors often get when faced with the harsh reality of owing debt. Individuals will often take desperate measures in order to avoid the repercussions.

When it comes to informal lending, from loan sharks in particular, the aftermath of failing to pay off one’s debts may involve the threat of violence or having your possessions forcibly removed from your home. Thus, debtors stoop to new lows to ward off backlash, invariably complicating their situation and adding to their troubles.

If you need help settling your debt, instead of being impulsive or irrational, contact Quick Consolidation Loans today, and we’ll help you find a permanent, legal solution to your debt problem that will protect you and your assets.