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National Credit Regulator

The National Credit Regulator was formed under the National Credit Act 34 of 2005. As a guiding body of the industry in South Africa, it is responsible for the regulation of the credit industry, amoung other things.

The roles of the NCR as a body include:

  • Education,
  • Research,
  • Policy development,
  • Registration of industry participants,
  • Investigation of complaints,
  • Ensuring enforcement of the relevant Act.

This means that the Regulator must accommodate the development of an accessible credit industry, particularly to address the lack of availability surrounding the credit of historically disadvantaged peoples, low income areas of the population, as well as far removed communities.

The responsibilities surrounding the registration of credit providers, credit bureaus and debt counselors also comes onto the National Credit Regulator, including ensuring all members fully adopt the Act.

As a department that ensures all dealings with credit remain fair and in line with legislation, this is the ever watchful body that monitors credit lenders for reckless lending, debt repayment and a whole host of other debt functions. The protector of consumer rights within this expansive industry.

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The NCR operate across South Africa, including:

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