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Consolidation Loans South Africa

Looking for consolidation loans in South Africa? Applying for debt consolidation is fast and easy with Quick Consolidation Loans.

Almost everyone has a credit card these days and most cannot afford to make their monthly repayments. Our country has some of the best places to spend money in the world, such as the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront and Montecasino. Our shopping malls and casinos are world renowned, and so are our borrowing habits!

Here are some statistics on just how bad consumer debt is in South Africa currently:

• Borrowers spend over 75% of their monthly income on servicing debt
• Almost 60% of borrowers are struggling to pay their credit card debt
• 77% of South Africans are flat broke, with no money left over at the end of each month

A Solution to Debt

Clearly, you are not the only one who needs help with your debt problem. Thankfully, there are solutions. We can offer you a better way to manage your debt, whether you are living in Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg or Durban.

A Quick Consolidation Loan will enable you to make one monthly payment, encompassing all of your debts. What’s more, you can enjoy reduced instalments, interest rates and penalty fees.

To kick-start your application, just fill out the short online form. Financial freedom could be yours far sooner thank you think.

Areas we cover:

Cape Town

We will be able to offer advice on the suitability of debt consolidation to your specific financial situation, as there are instances where it would prove unsuitable. Our consultants will be able to help you with regards to secured and unsecured debt consolidation, and advice as to which would be most favorable to your outstanding debts. Operating on a national basis, we can also provide you with debt counseling or a debt review in South Africa. As mentioned, debt consolidation could save you on monthly payments and interest rates, which has made it a viable option for many. To find out if debt consolidation in South Africa is an option for you, contact Quick Consolidation Loans today.