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Online Stokvel

Online stokvels are a common route to saving amongst a community or like-minded people, lumping their money together for a common goal – to save. Whether trying plan a trip abroad, buy groceries or for funeral services in times of hardship, this is a bulk payout that contributors can use to cover their expenses. Whatever that may be. It is money that goes into a common pot for all to access when needed. Everybody involved knows the details of the online stokvel, as it is mainly a savings solution for consumers by consumers.

As a legitimate stokval, the investment must be a member of the National Stokvel Association of South Africa (Nasasa) or a similar body and conform to its rules and regulations. The guidelines allow this system to operate within the law, unlike the MMM scheme.

While still a style of saving that many are skeptical of, many have a bad reputation of not paying out in time, or at all.

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