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Saving tips for parents

Having children means dealing with some unavoidable new expenses. There are doctors and dental appointments to worry about. Day care isn’t cheap at all, plus you have to feed the little rugrats, and when the little ones are really young, you’re going to have to deal with diapers.

As a new parent, some of these expenses are a bit overwhelming and even worse these expenses come at a time when many of us are just getting started financially. Saving money isn’t easy when you are supporting a young family and that is why it is especially important to save where you can without putting a giant dent in your budget. Here are a few ways to do just that.

  1. Buy used toys

Shopping at a yard or garage sales and using Gumtree or OLX are a fun and easy way to save money on your kids’ toys. Children don’t really need that much, just stick to the basics and don’t worry about acquiring every new toy that comes out.

  1. Buy used clothes

Again, when it comes to clothing, garage sales and Gumtree and OLX are a must. Buying your kids new clothes can be a total waste of money – especially when they are little. They outgrow those clothes quickly and they always come home with food, dirt and drinks spilled all over them and lets not forget that they ripe them as well.

  1. Avoid convenience foods

It can definitely be a pain to go home after a long day at work and cook dinner for the entire family each night. However it is easier if you start feeding the family fresh food because not only is it healthy but you save a lot of money on McDonalds or any other take out.

  1. Only buy what you need

Have you ever been to a baby warehouse store? They have aisle after aisle of things you don’t need. If you are shopping for a newborn make sure you have the basics – a crib, car seat, bottles, diapers and clothing. You don’t need a cute white contraption to put dirty diapers in – just throw them away the normal way – the trash bin!

  1. Don’t set expectations too high

If you are always buying your kids the newest toy on the market or a candy bar at grocery store, you may end up with a problem on your hands. Setting the bar too high when they are young can have immeasurable consequences. Setting reasonable expectation when they are young means that they may learn to appreciate and be happy with the things that they already have.

Saving money doesn’t need to take up a lot of your time, but with just a little bit of effort, deals can be certainly be found. Remember that kids need your time far more than they need things in their life.