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Household saving tips

Saving around the house is always important, using and spending as little as possible while still maintaining the same standard of living, these are household saving tips you can use every day. Cutting down costs, whether water, electricity or even rent, these are tips for all those living in their own household.

  • Unplug electronics at night

Electronics left plugged in or on standby overnight waste a lot of electricity over time. Unplugging these devices lets you minimize the runoff and control your spending habits.

  • Install low-flow taps

Low-flow taps cut water usage by up to 60%, meaning you can save drastically on your bill while reducing water consumption and waste.

  • Power saving bulbs

Switching out your old bulbs for power saving ones can reduce your electricity bill by up to 80%. Using less power and causing less harm to the environment, these are needed in all houses.

  • Buy generic household products

While we all love to stick to our brands, buying generic versions can save a heck of a lot of money over time, let alone each shopping trip. With house brands on offer, usually of the same quality, these are the economical options for your shopping.

  • Get a geyser blanket

Turning your geyser on and off can save electricity, however it also means more energy is taken to warm it up. With a geyser blanket, the geyser is kept warm for longer, without power, so the geyser never needs to warm it up from scratch.