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Holiday Saving Tips

During the holiday, especially the gift crazed festive season, it is easy to feel trapped, stressed about not having the money to spend on your loved ones. You do not have to build up excessive debt just to show how much you care. With some careful planning and creative gift giving, you can enjoy some holiday joy without the financial fear. Here are your holiday saving tips.

  • Create a budget: Write a list of everyone on your gift list and decide how much you would like to spend on each person. Budget fir your whole holiday season and ensure you stick to it, factoring all you would like to do.
  • Shop early: Do not wait until the very last minute to buy presents or you may end up overspending or buying items you did not plan to.
  • Get creative: Handmade gifts or even personalised coupons can be a special treat in this age of store-bought presents. Think about what the person may want or need then incorporate your own talents.
  • Draw names & create a spending cap: These ideas work particularly well for large families and groups of friends. This way, everyone gets a gift but each person only has to buy one gift.
  • Enjoy free and inexpensive holiday activities: There are tons of ways to get into the holiday spirit without breaking the bank, there are ample activities and experiences to be had on a strict budget.