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Car Saving Tips

Car saving tips are always needed when you rely on your own transport on a daily basis, from petrol to wear and tear, these are car saving tips to have close at hand. A huge drain on finances when times get tough, cars can sometimes be done without, but if you need it, then it is an expense that must be paid. Here are some ways to save on your monthly car expenses.

  • Buy second hand, while you need to be careful of faults, buying a car second hand saves you a huge amount on expenses. Getting similar quality and performance for half the price.
  • Don’t speed – speeding burns fuel faster, driving at around 80km\h is optimal for efficient fuel consumption.
  • Change gear at 3000 revolutions – changing at this rate is the best for fuel consumption, burning less fuel and getting more out of it.
  • Maintain the condition of your car, wear and tear can often end up affecting performance and costing you more over time.
  • Only use air-con at high speed, driving slowly while using air-con burns more fuel than needed.