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Planning for retirement

Planning for retirement South Africa

When planning for retirement, which every consumer should do well ahead of the time, there are a few vital elements that you must include. From the general saving ideas to the finer details, this is an integral part of your financial security. Don’t find yourself stuck in your old age, unable to work, plan for the future now. Make sure you do not make these common errors, get your sing on track.

No retirement plan

First and foremost, you need a retirement plan. Whether it’s a formal account that is paid into, or your own savings design, a retirement plan must allow for regular deposits and a generous sum. Something to build up over decades, it can slowly gain money and interest to becomes your fall back in old age.

 Putting off saving for retirement

Retirement seems a far way away to any working person, however it is something that need to be prepared for from day one. The longer you save, the more you will have, and the more secure you will be in your old age. Many consumers would rather put off spending, using the money elsewhere, however this is a key error, often resulting in a low retirement amount meaning extra years of old age work – never a good thing.

Don’t pick a fund you don’t understand

Make sure you understand the implications of your chosen retirement plan. How does it qualify? How is it managed? What are the forecasted amounts? Knowing all of this can allow you to make an informed decision about your money and own financial future.

Don’t blow off professionals

There are professional planners for a reason, use them if you can. While this can mean more payment and less money, this also can lead to more intelligent investment which can have many more financial benefits. These trained professionals can show you how to make your money work for you, letting you rest easy rather than worry about investment.

Diversify your portfolio

Many consumers find their investment and stick to it, just one bulk investment usually. Diversifying your portfolio is putting your eggs in multiple baskets, so if one fails you have more. Investing always comes with risk, putting everything together can often be your downfall in the long term. Diversifying also helps your chances of larger returns on different accounts.

Don’t cash in early

Many try this out, cashing in when they want to buy something special rather than when they retire. While the money may come in handy, you will be sorry when you are in a position where it cannot be earned back. Be responsible with your money and only use it when you need it. You saved it for a reason.

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