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The end of year bonus: clever spending

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An end of year bonus is a great treat, if you are one of the lucky ones who receive this benefit. Adding some extra cash to your pocket before the festive season, it is hard not to go a bit wild…but hold off on that shopping spree for now. While some splashing of a small part of the bonus is definitely in order – seeing as this bonus is given as appreciation for your hard work and dedication – there are ways of spending it that will have more of an effect than just instant gratification.

This money could be used to right your situation or increase your future prospects, improve your general financial standing and your quality of life in the coming year. These are elements of life you will soon find to be invaluable. Here are a few ideas of how you can use you bonus for a better life not just a better time.

Outstanding debt

While this is not the first thing you will want to spend your money on, it is arguably the most important. Using the money while you have it ensures that your debts are covered. Relying on having money in the future is a gamble, and this is a risk you should not be willing to take lightly.

The bedroom

While this too may seem like an odd thing to suggest, we do in fact spend around a third of our lives in bed. Having an impact on you rest, health, mental capabilities and a host of other pieces of your daily life, it is best to ensure your bed and bedroom allow you to get the rest you need.

Your transport

Whether car or bike, or something else, using money to maintain your mode of transport ensures that you can do what you need to on a day to day basis. With services and payments looming, this is something to get ahead of while you have the chance.

Rainy day fund

Putting money away for the future is always a good idea. A rainy day fund is so that you have a safety net if you ever need it. Whether emergency expenses or even when in desperate need for time away, a savings account like this is a great way to make sure you have money to use when you need it.


Investing your money is planning for the future. Whether a steady growth account or something a bit more risky, using a portion of your money to invest allows you to tactically use your finances to best fit the future you want. While there are many ways to go about this, make sure you understand the process top to bottom.


Don’t forget to spend some on yourself. Whether enough for a holiday or weekend away, or more in line with a day at a spa, whatever it is you find relaxing, take time to do it. This bonus is, after all, your reward for hard work and dedication.

Living projects

Something that can build your investments for the future, working on your home is also a great way to use this money. Whether renovations or slight changes around the house, this can increase value and allow you to have the home you want.

Be responsible with your money, ensure you are using it in the right ways, on the right things. Whether for yourself or your family, there are many ways to use this money for good before spoiling yourself. Plan ahead so you can carry on without worrying about debt review or consolidation loans. No matter where you are in South Africa, be wise with your finances.


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