Don’t break the bank on Easter

Don’t break the bank on Easter

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A time of celebration and family, Easter can often be a costly time of the year. From chocolate eggs to an elaborate Sunday lunches, this is a time to put savings first, looking for ways to celebrate this joyful occasion without breaking the bank.

Whether going for the popular chocolate eggs and tasty treats seen at every shop in the country, or going for the more traditional hard boiled, painted eggs, Easter is a fun time to get together and enjoy good company. While many love to splash out, getting that gammon or some interesting deserts, this is also a time to reflect on your life and in turn your spending. With so many ways to enjoy Easter, without putting a hole in your pocket, here are some fantastic Easter ideas.

Easter savings

  • Switch out the chocolate. While everyone loves the delights of Easter eggs, try cutting down on the amounts. Sticking to the cheaper options, letting go of that Lindt bunny, fewer chocolate eggs can take a load of the cost.
  • Come together. When having Easter lunch or dinner, get a group together and split the costs. Giving you more money as a whole, you can buy nice items for more people and cut down on any wastage.
  • Traditional ways. The traditional Easter way is to paint eggs that are hardboiled, creating stunning patterns. This is fantastic as a family activity before lunch and great for kids.
  • Easter deals. As such a prominent holiday, there are plenty of family deals and sneaky specials around town that can help you save while giving you a great day out.

With so many options and choices available, take the day for what it is – family and togetherness rather than chocolate and wasteful spending. Sacrifice that glazed gammon for something a bit more low key, a roast chicken perhaps? And remember that the day isn’t about spending, but rather giving of yourself.

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