Attain Debt Free Living with Quick Consolidation Loans - Quick Consolidation Loans

Attain Debt Free Living with Quick Consolidation Loans

Attain Debt Free Living with Quick Consolidation Loans

Desperate Times

Are you a sole breadwinner that has to support your spouse, children and elderly parents? These days, far too many South Africans are in this situation. Not being able to provide for yourself and your family is demoralising.

As the cost of living continues to rise, more and more consumers are turning to micro-lenders, loan sharks and mashonisas out of desperation. Before long, you’ve racked up too many personal loans, payday loans, store accounts and credit cards to count.

South Africa’s Indebted

Thousands of South Africans are over-indebted. The digital age of online loans has made it all too easy for people to access credit that they cannot afford to pay back.

Over half of the 21+ million credit-active consumers in South Africa have impaired credit records. This means that they have fallen into three or more months of arrears on their debt payments.

In early 2014, South Africans had borrowed a total of R160 billion in unsecured debt. Most shocking of all, South Africans spend 76+% of their income on servicing their debt every month.

Reckless Lenders and Unscrupulous Creditors

If managed responsibly, loans and credit can be beneficial to your financial health, as long as you understand your obligations and only borrow from reputable lenders.

Sadly, more and more South Africans are being manipulated by reckless lenders and unscrupulous creditors. These con artists sidestep the law and take advantage of the financially illiterate and vulnerable.

Reckless credit is driving low-income consumers into over-indebtedness. For those caught in a debt spiral, debt-free living may seem unattainable.

Seize the Day

That is, until you seize the day and opt for Quick Consolidation Loans. Through QCL, you can obtain financial freedom. To address your indebtedness, enlist the assistance of our expert consultants who will recommend a personalised debt solution. We will enable you to regain control of your finances.

QCL will ensure that you are able to provide for your immediate and extended family, but still have enough to spoil your children and yourself once in a while. Quick Consolidation Loans will give you a new lease on life and show you that debt free living is a real possibility.