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What is the Public Protector?

The public protector was came into being in 1995 as a state institution external to the government, in South Africa. As an entity tasked with the thorough investigation of misconduct in any and all state affairs, including all levels of government, this is one of the Chapter nine institutions that work outside of the government sphere – Chapter nine institutions refer to a group of organisations established in line with the South African Constitution to guard democratic rights and procedure.

A high level office position, this is a position independent of political influence and agenda, which should allow for an impartial governing body to hold those in power accountable – that at least was the idea behind this body. The public protector receives complaints from aggrieved parties, against the government departments, agencies or officials. This office has the power to investigate, mediate, negotiate, recommend corrective action and issue reports that have a huge impact on the power our government holds.

With consumer justice and a transparent government in mind, this body deals with a range of issues from the SARP to the treasury, national debt and constitutional transformation. To find out all you can about these important institutions, contact Quick Consolidation Loans today.

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